(Illustration: V. Arun/ Rebel Politik by Arun)

The Hindutva fascist government in India headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has unleashed fascist tentacles in the of ‘development’. A government that came into the power in the name of prosperity and development for all, is on the verge of sliding the nation to destruction and barbarity. With in less than 2 year in power, the government and its fringe right wing storm troopers have started redefining the democratic and constitutional norms of India towards creating a Hindu nation on the lines of Nazi Germany. Economy of India going down, farmers are committing suicide due to failed policies of government and factories are witnessing labour unrest due to the anti-labour steps of the state. On the democratic and human rights arena, the nation is regressing into barbarianism – students and teachers are being arrested to silence dissent and resistance, Dalits and Tribals are being persecuted, minorities are being killed in name of beef, civil society activists and journalists are being persecuted and any person criticising the government and policies is branded as ‘anti-national’.

And even after all these, Prime Minister Narendra Modi refuses to speak against the increasing environment of intolerance in India. The only thing he speaks is, “India is developing”.