The Universities in India are under a state of undeclared emergency. Police are deployed inside the campuses and students are being arrested under charges of Sedition (Anti-National activities). These are happening in those universities which the present right wing fascist government in India is feeling threatened. These are the universities which had raised student movements against the fascist and anti-people educational policies of the government.

The recent in the list of campus under attack is the prestigious Jawaharlal Nehru Universities in New Delhi. After planting the right-wing student group ABVP to raise ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ in an event to protest against the judicial murder of Afzal and for the cause of Kashmir, the right wing forces and paid media has painted all students (except those who belong to ABVP) as anti-national. Not stopping there, the stooges of the right wing government the Delhi Police arrested a number of students including the JNU student union president under the colonial section of Sedition.

A video has surfaced exposing the reality of event and the conspiracy of ABVP to defame JNU and destroy #RohithVemula and other movements in India. https://www.youtube.com/embed/Xs1sCRVxoHY

A massive teacher, students and civil society movement have begun in India against the right wing assault on education and to protect the idea of a free democratic nation where dissent is an essential feature.

(V. Arun/ Rebel Poltik | 13 Feb 2016)