Meanwhile in #JNU
Now for #AISF #SFI #DSF , a consultation procedure has to be initiated to take a stance and extend their solidarity against the state repression and killings in #Kashmir! Yes, because they are more bothered about the “sensitivity” of right-wing forces in India than the issue of killings of Kashmiri civilians! Such naive is their understanding of Kashmiri movement that they have reduced the long-standing aspiration of Kashmiri people to ‘Burhan Wani’. Yes, ideologically Burhan is no Che or Bhagat Singh, but you like it or not for the people of Kashmir he represented an idea of their aspiration for Azaadi. It shameful that organisations like these who speak about “critical” understanding are uncritically reducing the whole Kashmiri struggle to Islamic and Pakistan-backed movement, thus belittling the secular fabric of Kashmiri movement for Azaadi.

I wonder what if “I” in these organisations was Israel instead of India (if they were in Israel), what would have their stance on Palestinian question?!
Its such an irony that each of these students organisations are a product of a movement against the “political opportunism” and ultimately turned out be the biggest opportunists. And among all DSF have become a ‘role model’ for all political opportunists around the world.

As one of my friend had said ” Such left organisations have become the ‘New Right’.


(V. Arun/ rebelpolitikblog.com| 25 July 2016 | Idea Credit Com. Pankhuri Zaheer)
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