‪Bangalore, India: On 03 February 2016, a post graduate student from Tanzania was brutally attacked, stripped naked and paraded by locals in the southern town of Bangalore in India. The attacked, a clear case of racism was a revenge after a car alleged to driven by someone of African origin hit a girl in an accident (who died). Angry locals caught hold of few Tanzanian students who were passing by almost after 30 minute of the accident and beat up the girl. They later stripped her and paraded naked. A local guy who tried to help her was also beaten up.

This brutal and shameful have once again brought up the racist mentality prevailing in India. Dalits in India have been at the receiving end of racism in form of caste discrimination for thousands of years, but the state and the structure dominated by the people of upper caste have always tried to portray a benign image of India.

#‎Racism‬ in ‪#‎India‬
attack on ‪#‎Tanzanian‬ girl ‪#‎Bangalore‬
(V. Arun / | 03 Feb 2016)