(Illustration : V. Arun / 20 Jan 2016)

Joint Action Committee for Social Justice -UoH writes while uploading Rohit Vemula’s Caste certificate

“We are putting this with a lot of pain and rage that Rohith comes from a dalit family and because of which he has been a victim of this (BJP) brahmanical administration.
Let us not forget the fact that dalits are forced to live in humiliation.
Even after his murder, the BJP-RSS parivaar is questioning his caste identity to wash off their hands of this murder!
Our reaction to the whole issue would be same if anyone from other castes, religion, creed, gender, sexuality faced this, but we are sure that this will not happen to an upper caste brahmin and definitely we are more angry because he is a dalit and dalits are facing institutional discrimination from years!
We have two questions to raise here:
1) Does his caste identity deny him justice?
2) Why and how can BJP-RSS parivaar wash off their complicity in this crime?
We are fighting against this injustice so that we do not lose more Rohiths in the coming future!”